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    Top Five Reasons of Your Dog has Diarrhea

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    Top Five Reasons of Your Dog has Diarrhea

    Dog diarrhea is one of the common diseases. When a dog suffers from diarrhea, it may be symptomatic of any reason. It could be dog surroundings, non-suitable food, stress level, etc. Like humans, the dog also has the body system that gets the distinct problem when contact with non-compatible conditions. Your dog remains active when there is no health issue and become inactive when caught by any diseases.

    Be it is a minor or major health problem, animals can’t describe, but the owner has to communicate for the better solution. Here, we discuss the major 5 reasons behind your dog diarrhea.

    Below are the few safety tips that one must consider when traveling with pet:

    1. Environmental Changes

      When you adopt a new dog or shift your home along with your dog, it may cause of dog diarrhea due to the stress level. Sometimes, the environmental change can also be the reason behind it.

    2. Food Intolerance

      The dog tends to eat everything, but it is not true. Whatever they eat, it should be chewed and swallowed whole. In case, the food is not eaten properly, your dog will either vomit it or eliminate to digest it.

    3. Parasites

      When your dog contact various types of worms like tapeworm, roundworm, whipworms and hookworm, it could be the reason for dog diarrhea

    4. Parvovirus Infection

      Parvovirus infection mostly takes place in the intestinal system and pulmonary system, especially in young pups. Your dog may get vomiting and fever when interacting with parvovirus infection.

    5. Bacteria

      There is no certain place from where your dog picked up the bacteria. Bacteria affect your dog’s health for a long time by delivering various health issue and diarrhea could be the one. Salmonella and bordetella are the common dog bacteria you need to prevent.

    Dog diarrhea can make your dog weak if you don’t treat it on-time. It is always recommended that one should immediately consult with professionals at Westheights Veterinary Hospital.

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