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  • Pet Prescription Food By Kitchener Veterinarian

    A healthy diet is the path to harmony and good health. This notion is relevant for both humans and pets. Animals, just like humans, seek love, care and a balanced diet for a healthy and happy life. However, pet nutrition is different than human nutrition. Thus, pet owners need to be extra cautious about what food they offer their dogs and cats. Pet prescription diets are clinically proven for maintaining the pristine health condition of your pets. The vets and staff at Westheights Veterinary Hospital Kitchener

    can help you decide the best prescription diet food for your pet depending upon their age, activity level, or to address chronic illness issues. We stock prescription and maintenance diets, and can order a large variety of foods for your pet’s need.

    Prescription Foods for Pets

    After a complete physical examination, our veterinarians will recommend the best suited prescription food for your pet. Mainly prescription food is suggested when:

    • Pet enduring chemotherapy
    • Certain skin disease diagnosed in the pet
    • Pet requires additional nutrients for speedy recovery from a serious ailment
    • Your pet is overweight or underweight
    • Your mature or aged pet needs healthy aging diet
    • Pet is suffering from urinary tract infection

    Prescription diets are considered as a crucial supplement or complete replacement for the existing diet of your pet. Prescription foods are enriched with all the necessary nutrients that normal food cannot provide.

    Advantages of Prescription Food for Pets

    • Acidic urine can lead to numerous health ailments. Specialty diets play a vital role in balancing the pH levels in pet urine that prevents several serious diseases.
    • Prescription food contains nutrients that are easy-to-digest. This allows the body tissues to repair at a faster pace.
    • High-fiber specialty diet help in maintaining the gastrointestinal health.
    • Prescription food promotes speedy recovery and robust the immune system
    • Special prescription diet helps in preventing diabetes.

    Why us?

    If you think regular dry kibble is the only good and healthy diet your pets require, you are highly mistaken. Paying due attention to your pet’s diet will prevent you from paying for expensive illnesses. The right diet improve the life expectancy of your pets and provide great support for getting over an infection or disease. At Westheights Veterinary Hospital Kitchener, we offer an array of special diets that improves the health condition of your pets and safeguards them from common health ailments.

    Call us now to discuss dietary needs of your pets with our pet nutrition vets.