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    An Explanation On Strange Dog Behavior

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    Dog Behavior

    Dogs have a cute face, sweet ears, and they are loyal which make them more lovable. Apart from this, their weird activities engage us more with dogs.

    Sometimes, we take their weird activities as fun, but some acts are not fun, some actions even could be a sign of any health problem with your dog. If you are wondering to know what drives the strange dog behavior, then read here:

    Why Do Dogs Do Weird Activities?

    • Turning Circle: This is a perfectly fine behavior that pets are trying to make a comfy spot. They often dig out their resting spots and inspect the place before lying down.
    • Stealing Your Stuff: It is believed that some dogs just run off with TV remote, slipper and other material from your home because they want your attention. However, there is no prevailing theory why the dogs do so.
    • Burying Toys: Finding your dog digging in the dirt to bury can be perplexing. Spinning in a circle is your dog behavior that is probably instinctual. Dogs in the wild bury carcasses, excess bones or other food items to protect from predators and save for later use.
    • Eating Grass: There are several reasons why your dog eats grass, but there is nothing to worry about this as this habit helps them to clear out foreign bodies and parasites if any because the grass contains high fibre content.
    • Eating Poop: It is also called as coprophagia, and it happens due to lack of nutrients, boredom or sometimes the dog enjoy its taste. This is a matter to be discussed with a professional vet who will diagnose the issue and provide nutritional analysis of your pet’s diet.

    For the most part, the strange dog behaviors are nothing to worry about, but if you find any act that appears obsessive or destructive, contact us at Westheights Veterinary Hospital in Kitchener for pet health care services. Call us today to book your appointment with a professional veterinarian.

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