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    9 Benefits Of Getting Your Pet Spayed or Neutered

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    Pet Spayed

    The problem of stray animals and unwanted pets is rising at an alarming rate than ever before. In some cases, they never get adopted and end up living a cruel life roaming on the streets. To deal with the issue, spay and neuter surgery play a significant role. It not only ensures longer and healthier life in dogs but also restricts overpopulation.

    If you are planning to get your pet spay or neuter, you are actually making a right decision regarding their health and safety. This procedure is a boon and acts as a humane way of saving animal lives.

    Some benefits of getting your pet spayed or neutered include:

    • It reduces the risks or odds of breast cancer, life-threatening uterine infections and prostate problems in bitches and avoids the occurrence of testicular cancer in male dogs.
    • It limits their natural urge to mate with the opposite sex and minimize the frustration levels and aggressive behavior.
    • It makes your pet more active, less distracted, easy to train and a responsible family member.
    • The chances of lost pets are reduced to a good extent as dogs or cats often getaway in search of a mate and ends up strangled by other stray animals.
    • It generates a full stop to the heat cycle in female dogs that are quite messy and ends up for days to weeks.
    • It helps reduce aggression and limits their tendency to bite family members and others.
    • It also minimizes territorial behavior or marking territory habit to a great extent. Not only this, wailing, barking and approaching towards unfamiliar people and objects also gets reduced.
    • It ensures a healthy body and sound mind, along with keeping the common health issues at bay.
    • It helps in saving extra expenses on veterinary care, bringing up a litter of puppies or kittens and food.

    So, these are some of the common benefits you and your pet can enjoy after getting them spayed or neutered. If you are looking for a comprehensive veterinary hospital in Cambridge, Ontario, feel free to contact us at Westheights Veterinary Hospital.

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