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Welcome To Westheights Veterinary Hospital in Kitchener – Pet Health Care

Your Local & Experienced Veterinarians in Kitchener, Ontario

Westheights Veterinary Hospital is a fully-equipped animal hospital in Kitchener serving full-range pet health care services. We just have the right veterinarians, equipment, medicines, and environment for pets of every breed and age. Whether it’s a complex surgery, normal tooth cavity, or just the best preventive care for pets, our comprehensive services promise optimal health for your pets.

Contact us at 519-742-7387 Now to avail quality pet health care services at affordable prices in Kitchener.


Pet Wellness Examination

Our Kitchener veterinarians recommend periodic pet wellness exams. It includes all the major tests, vaccinations, deworming, and complete body checkups. A routine check-up is essential to protect the pets from severe infections.



Vaccines provide reliable protection for your dogs or cats against diseases. Vaccinations improve the ability of the immune system of your pets making them robust to fight disease. Periodic vaccination is a key to a healthy lifestyle.


Pet Dentistry

Maintaining oral health conditions is crucial to protect them against various periodontal diseases. Our vets undertake pet dental health programs to make the pet owners aware of overall pet oral hygiene.



Our vets are competent in handling minor to major pet surgery. We offer a safe, comfortable, and tidy hospital environment for our four-legged patients. We implement the latest veterinary practices to ensure surgical success.

Comprehensive Pet Medical Care Services in Kitchener

At Westheights Veterinary Hospital, we are committed to providing quality veterinary solutions for both cats and dogs across Kitchener. Our veterinarians ensure to provide you with prompt and professional services. Our animal hospital in Kitchener is well-furbished with the latest veterinary equipment, surgical tools, pet medicine, and many other tools required for an exhaustive diagnosis and treatment plan. In our eyes, dog and cat health care holds the same importance as human health care. Therefore, we ensure quality and comprehensive veterinary assistance. Owners are guided about relevant medications and home treatments that can promote a speedy recovery. We will try to relieve your pet from pain or discomfort as soon as possible.

Veterinarian Kitchener
Westheights Veterinary Hospital offers high-quality care at reasonable prices. All the staff is courteous and compassionate.
The perfect amalgamation of love, care, quality, and hospitality.

Why Count on Westheights Veterinary Hospital?

Westheights Veterinary Hospital
Prompt & Professional

Our professionals will provide the best possible answers or solutions for all your questions or concerns regarding your pet’s health.

Thorough Examination

Our vets undertake a complete physical examination of the pets. All the relevant tests are undertaken to conclude the diagnosis positively.

Advanced Care

Westheights Veterinary Hospital is a full-service animal clinic in Kitchener with advanced pet diagnostics and critical pet health care programs.

Affordable Pet Health Care

We provide head-to-toe pet medical assistance at reasonable prices in Kitchener. Our veterinarian services are cost-effective and aim to provide relief to your pets in less time.