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    6 Reasons Your Pet Is Having An Upset Stomach

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    6 Reasons Your Pet Is Having An Upset Stomach

    Dog health problems are quite similar to those of humans. They do face stomach troubles, as do us. If your pet suffers from repeated stomach issues, such as an upset stomach or acidity, then it is your responsibility to keep a watch on the items he consumes in your absence. An upset stomach may compel your pooch to become lazy or tired. By identifying the underlying cause of the problem, a pet owner can present the stomach troubles in the near future.

    Some common causes that lead to an upset stomach in dogs include:

    1. Eating something unhealthy, rotten or poisonous. There are several food items such as grapes, garlic, onion etc. that should never be fed to a dog. In most cases, when you are away, your dog can chew up his favorite toy, lawn grass, twigs, bones and other restricted items that can lead to stomach troubles.
    2. Food rewards and treats are an easy way to make your pet learn good habits and commands. But an overconsumption of sweet desserts or chocolates can deteriorate the digestion mechanism, thereby causing a severe stomach ache, along with vomiting.
    3. Since dogs, especially the pups are fond of licking the floors and other surfaces, they are likely to fall victim to several bacterial and viral infections which lead to a troubled stomach and other serious ailments. By feeding your dog in an unclean bowl, the chances of consuming microbes is on a high rise.
    4. Alike humans, dogs do face the issue of Gastritis i.e. inflammation of the intestinal lining inside the stomach of your pet. This ill health condition can deteriorate the pet health which leads to stress and laziness.
    5. Intestinal obstruction is another serious dog ailment that causes the partial or full blockage of the normal food passage. It affects the food pipe and the intestine, thereby leading to a painful condition in which your pet refuses to eat anything and growl in pain.
    6. A sudden change in the diet can lead to several stomach issues. If your dog prefers to eat a less spicy diet and you suddenly started giving him heavy and spicy food to eat, then you are somehow responsible for the stomach trouble he is facing right now. In simple words, any drastic change in the diet or eating habits can cause stomach issues in pets.

    These are some of the common reasons that lead to an upset stomach in dogs. At Westheights Veterinary Hospital, we offer comprehensive pet health care services to all dog breeds. Call us today to schedule a veterinary treatment.

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