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    Common Spay/Neuter Myths Explained by Experts!

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    Common Spay/Neuter Myths Explained by Experts!

    Your pet is one of your loved ones and you have taken the right step by thinking to spay or neuter it. This will help maintain the overall health of your pet and also work for the betterment of the society.

    Since it is a surgery and that too of reproduction, it can make anyone nervous. This can lead to lots of doubts and confusions.

    This gets even worse by all the myths related to these surgeries, making your decisions even tougher. Don’t worry, we will let you know the reality behind all these myths and clear all your doubts!

    Common myths related to spay/neuter surgery:-

    1. The pet loses its manhood/womanhood after surgery

      This myth has just evolved out of humans’ own fears. This is just like any other surgery in the world and will only affect that part which is operated. It will not make your male pet to lose out his male characteristics.

      He will protect your area just like it used to. The female pet would now stop inviting the unwanted male pets, thus proving your decision right.

    2. Surgery would lead to weight gain

      This is just not true, nobody gains weight after surgery, neither animals nor humans. The only way your pet might be gaining weight is due to the lack of exercise or heavy diet which you might be feeding post-surgery.

      If you make your pet eat less and exercise regularly, there are no chances of weight gain, before or after surgery.

    3. The pet would become sad and depressed

      This is a very common fear and can come in anyone’s mind, but sadly this is not true. One should not think like humans as animals reproduce merely for the survival of their species and not for having families.

      They don’t behave like fathers and mothers all through their life. Mothers do care for their puppies in the initial stages but after that, things are back to normal. So, there is nothing to feel sad about.

    4. The surgeries are very expensive

      This is not true as this is a very cost effective procedure and if you compare it with the benefits coming from it, you will be more than happy. This will save you from the cost of any future treatments that might arise out of the reproductive parts.

      In females, this greatly stops the risk of uterine or ovarian cancer and reduces the breast cancer chances. In males, it reduces the risk of Prostate cancer, thus making him lead a healthy life.

    The above confusions are just a reflection of the fear which humans have for their pets. With this, we hope all your myths are busted and still if you have any doubts, feel free to give us a call.

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